A Guide to Ray-Ban Eyeglasses

Founded in Rochester, New York in 1936, Ray-Ban is a world renowned luxury eyewear brand that has been enhancing images for more than 80 years. The brand focuses on individuality and style and has earned its place among the most trusted and sought after brands in the industry. The company offers a large selection of frames and lens options for both men and women. In addition to their popular sunglasses, they also produce a full line of glasses.

The brand’s signature design elements are apparent throughout the collection. Their square and rectangular styles are a great choice for people with different face shapes. For men, a pair of Wayfarer glasses is a classic look that has been worn by many celebrities. However, the brand has gone beyond this timeless design to create more modern versions. The brand is also known for their round and cat-eye frames.

A Ray-Ban optical frame is made from a lightweight metal. It features adjustable nose pads and a refined saddle bridge. The frame is available in multiple sizes and colors, making it a great option for a wide variety of prescriptions. The RB3447V is a classic style that has been loved by artists and forward-thinking consumers.

The Ray-Ban collection has a Occhiali da vista rayban wide range of colors. The brand offers a variety of tints and polarized lenses to help you find the perfect color for your skin and eyes. The Chromance lens family is specially created to enhance details while intensifying colors. They also include polar filters that help minimize fogging and provide a more clear view.

These glasses are durable and are crafted to suit the needs of active men and women. They feature ultra-light resins and metal alloys that make the frames resistant to damage. They are also lightweight and comfortable to wear. These glasses will definitely elevate your look!

The Ray-Ban brand offers a large selection of sunglasses and prescription glasses. They are a favorite among both men and women. They are available in various colors and styles, including mirrored, gradient, and polarized lenses. They also offer a variety of frame finishes. This means that you can find a Ray-Ban style that will go with almost anything.

The brand’s Wayfarer style was introduced in the 1950s and is still one of the most popular designs of the 20th century. These glasses are made with the original specifications, but are updated with a more angular and exaggerated shape. This design is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like the original Wayfarer, or who simply wants a more contemporary style.

Ray-Ban Carbon Fibre sunglasses are a lightweight, impact-resistant frame. The material is the same as that used in high-performance racing cars. The design is a little less round and slightly more angular than the Wayfarer, but the overall shape is very similar. The Carbon Fibre is also more lightweight, which is great for anyone who has an active lifestyle.

The Ray-Ban “new” collection has a variety of styles and materials. Some models include decorative etched arms and a double bridge. Others feature exclusive materials and colors.


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