Persian clothing

Persian clothing has always been considered by fashion designers because of its importance to Men. A wardrobe full of various clothes means the opportunity to create special and pure styles. By choosing smart and creative clothes, you can have your own special and ideal style. Persian clothing with their unique designs in recent years have been able to attract attention. The variety of clothes in Iran is high due to cultural diversity and this is the reason why you can see beautiful clothes in Iran. We have collected all kinds of Persian clothing in ShopiPersia. Clothes with beautiful designs and colors. From everyday Persian style Clothes to that quality party piece, ShopiPersias range will have something to suit you. We Have All the Persian Style Essentials for Your Closet. Style and fashion to the beauty of Oriental-Iranian art that will definitely make you look attractive. We Ship Worldwide.

Tea storage chests

A Luxury Wooden Tea Bag Box can multiply the beauty of your table and increase the pleasure of drinking tea. Our Luxury Persian Tea Bag Boxes are very beautiful and unique in design and construction. Most of our Tea boxes are completely handmade and designed by artists of Iran. Due to the special beauty of these wooden boxes, many of them are also used to place gifts. Our beautifully crafted wooden boxes make the ultimate tea-lovers gift. Bringing together the flavors of most famous and exclusive teas in an impressive & Luxury Persian wooden tea box. Beautify your tea drinking moments with a Persian tea box. Our wooden tea boxes make great value storage for your tea or coffee packets or bags. We ship all kinds of luxury wooden tea boxes all over the world. Buy a beautiful Luxury handmade Wooden Tea Bag Box and support the artists. Artists who have spent hours creating a beautiful work of art.

Persian Tablecloth

Persian Tablecloths with Iranian patterns and motifs are very popular. Using a Tablecloth with attractive colors can give a special beauty to your home decoration. There are many types of Tablecloths and the materials used for them in each country. To choose a Tablecloth in addition to its beauty, you must also pay attention to its material and quality. Iran is famous for its cotton and silk Tablecloths. Tablecloths that are offered in different designs and sizes and bring beauty to your home. If you care about beauty, be sure to visit our collection. Termeh Tablecloths or Qalamkari tablecloths, runners and even Baluchi embroidered tablecloths. A world of beauty and art that will make your home decoration like a fairy tale of a thousand and one nights. Experience the joy of an online purchase with us. We ship worldwide.