What do you need to know about Yankee Candles

Yankee Candle Company is a producer and retailer of American fragrant candle. Its products are sold in thousands of souvenir shops throughout the country and throughout the world through catalogs and online. The company is currently in nearly 50 countries. The company produces fragrant candles in various fragrances and packaging styles. You can find Yankee candles near you! To learn more about this product, click the link below! The following article will answer some common questions about fragrant candles and their use.

If you like lavender, you will like this fresh and delicious addition to this classic fragrance. Lemon gives a refreshing record to traditional lavender, making this Yankee candle stand out from the others. This candle is one of the stronger aromas in the yankee wax line and will smell fragrant in your sitting room or kitchen. This is also perfect for your romantic night with your important people. However, if you want something a little stronger, try a collection of orange -scented.

Michael Kittredge originally used the name Candles by Michael Kittredge, but finally chose the Yankee Candle Company. The name Stodgier helps Yankee Candle grow. In the mid-1970s, the company had 30 employees and doubled its manufacturing room. Its products are now sold in more than 30 countries. And with every new store, companies expand customer bases and their production capacity. So, you can’t blame Kittredge for chasing this dream!

When coming to the candle, Yankee Candle offers a scent for everyone. Choose fragrances that fit your taste and the room where you will place it. Every long -lasting fragrance, and you can display it in various ways. Candles, tarning tar, and even hand cleaners are available in various sizes. Yankee Candle also offers a variety of decorative accessories, including voters, vases, and more. You can use it during the season, and they are a wise gift for every opportunity.

Apart from the difficulties faced by the company during the initial stages, the profit from Yankee Candle led Kittredge to expand the company aggressively. The leading shop developed during the first few years of operation. In 1986, Kittredge opened another retail store in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. In 1987, Kittredge opened his third retail store in Lenox, Massachusetts. In three years, the Yankee candle chain has spread throughout New England. And Parry and Kittredge are promoted to be vice president and further responsibility.

Yankee Candle is an American -scented candle brand. The company sells its products to customers in souvenir shops, online, and through wholesale prize shops. The company also distributes its products internationally through its subsidiary, Yankee Candle Company (Europe), Ltd. The candles are sold in more than 50 countries. Yankee Candle also has a restaurant that developed on South Deerfield, Massachusetts. This company is one of the biggest companies in the world’s candle.

Initially, Michael Kittredge started a company in his parents’ house. Then, he moved manufacturing operations to an old factory in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Finally, the company moved its manufacturing and retail operations to South Deerfield, Massachusetts, where they now operate more than 300,000 square feet space. In the same year, the company opened its first store in the United States – Natal Bavaria Village in South Deerfield.


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