RYA Yachtmaster Barcelona

Book your RYA qualifications courses in Spain here on KaterBlue.com. Here you can qualify for the MCA or the RYA yachtmaster, dayskipper and competent crew qualifications. This maritime skipper qualifation will allow you to safely and comfortably take command of a recreational vessel < 24m (power or sail), in daylight hours, in sight of land and in fair weather. You can do the RYA day skipper with us which then can also be transferred to an ICC certificate if you prefer. Some European yacht charter operators may require an International Certificate of Competency (ICC) for chartering and it is therefore a good idea to add this to your licences. Spain is a great place to learn. YOu can bring a partner or friend and they can join as a guest or to do the competent crew along with you. RYA Yachtmaster Barcelona


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