Preggophilia and Maisephilia – Is Your Child Being Pedophile?

Preggophilia simply means infatuation with pregnant women. It is often mistaken for infatuation or even lust. This can be a very confusing diagnosis as it often overlaps with other conditions such as sexual addiction. However, this does not make it any less serious or difficult to treat.

Preggoiphilii includes all aspects of sexual orientations. This includes same-sex attractions and same-sex experiences. It can also be related to gender identification or intersex attraction, depending on the biological makeup of an individual. As you can see, there are many gray areas in the field of preggophilia. This is not surprising when you consider that most of these terms are still in their relative infancy in both the scientific and lay communities.

In many ways, the issues around Preggophilia  are similar to those surrounding the emerging field of gender dysphoria in the broader sense. This is because many in the scientific and medical communities view preggophilia as a sexual disorder that results from an underlying mental disorder, whether it be schizophrenia bi-polaris, or some other mental illness. As such, these individuals are often classified as having a problem with their sex drives or having a sexual orientation. While many in the scientific and medical communities attempt to provide an inclusive understanding of these disorders in terms of sexual orientations and innate characteristics, there are still those who will label those who are lesbian, gay, bi-polaris, etc. as having a deviant sexual orientation, even if they are not expressing these desires in public.

A common explanation for why some people may develop preggoiphiliatic tendencies is due to an intense and profound level of attraction towards a specific same-sex individual. For example, a man who is attracted to men but is attracted to a woman may develop pre-existing conditions which lead him to develop a fetish for men, but not necessarily a sexual attraction towards them. This may also explain why some pre-pubescent children are identified as having a female sex drive when they are in fact genetically programmed to develop a male sex drive.

While some in the scientific and medical communities have viewed preggophilia as a harmless sexual interest, many in the lesbian, gay, bi-polaris, and intersex communities view it as a sexual identity disorder. These individuals believe that those who are attracted to pre-pubescent women (lesbians, gay, bisexuals, etc.) experience a heightened sense of sexual desire towards these women immediately after birth. The perception here is that these same individuals experience a strong, lifelong sexual attraction towards post-partum women (or “post-partum woman syndrome”). With this being the case, many lesbian, gay, bi-polaris, and intersex individuals consider preggophilia a sexual variant which can then be classified into four basic groups: infrequent sex offenders; major out-of-wedlock pregnancy; postpartum women; and pedophilic sexual attractions.

In terms of the incidence of these sexual orientations in a given locale, there is little or no documentation of preggophilia or maiesiophilia in a local environment. There are only a few cases which have been documented in various cities across the world. However, it is suggested that a greater prevalence of these sexual orientations may exist in a local environment since they are more likely to remain hidden from public view in order to avoid stigma or retribution. In any case, the prevalence of these sexual orientations should not be taken lightly since they should be considered as a serious sexual Orientation. Should a person in your life have this fetish, please seek immediate medical assistance from a licensed professional.

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