Extermination of cockroaches

We call them cockroaches and cockroaches and in the professional language there is a German cockroach and there is even an American cockroach.

Why such an insect repellent needs so many nicknames is not really clear.

But what is certain is that when you have cockroaches you need to order cockroach extermination.

A German cockroach is the cockroach you will usually find in kitchens and not in sewers like other types of cockroaches.

It can be found both in private homes and in kitchens and businesses in the food industry.

This is why everyone has to spray against cockroaches once a year, otherwise the cockroach population gets out of control.

Why is it important to eradicate a German cockroach? The German cockroach reaches the human environment in its search for food.

And when he walks around our kitchen and touches food and utensils he can expose us to various diseases and also allergic symptoms so it is important to perform a spray against cockroaches.

Destruction of a German cockroach

German cockroach extermination is more complex compared to other types of cockroach extermination.

Just spraying against cockroaches does not help against German cockroaches because they are resistant to some of the pesticides.

They also tend to hide well and need an exterminator who knows how to locate their hiding places. More Details Here הדברת תיקנים

Also these cockroaches multiply more rapidly than other cockroaches. That is, if thorough cockroach eradication is not carried out, the cockroach population will recover quickly.