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Talking about digital journalism implies a set of things like new technologies, the ability to use them and the phenomenon they cause.

Traditional journalism has many characteristics the same as digital journalism, but the latter has a truly significant difference and that is the ease of being able to update information quickly, anytime, anywhere.

Also something that characterizes digital journalism is that providing information which does not cut the message, that is, you can see the information, whether it is news or any message and at the same time see the advertising, so you perceive the advertising message in less evasive way.

The problem with digital journalism is that in a certain way it discriminates against certain sectors of the population, because it is necessary to have an electronic device and know how to use it to be able to create and upload content, or to be able to access any information uploaded in the net. But now a days everyone has a smartphone where they can access lots of content over it. That made lots of portals to appear over internet and provide services to the smartphone users on the go.

But there may be some people whose financial situation not up to the mark to buy a smart device. For this reason, it is essential that print journalism continues to exist, although in some remote communities or towns it is still difficult to obtain them, this option is obviously more viable than digital journalism, which has as a mandatory clause to be connected to a network, to have some electronic device, have light and know how to use it. So, looking into the issue, Zehabesha Daily News at the begining started 24 page monthly newspaper which helped with lots of featured articles for American and Ethiopian communities.

Another thing that characterizes digital journalism and that makes it unique is its multimedia content that includes images, text, graphics, animations, among other things; They help to catch the reader more easily because no matter their learning style in any way it is appealing to all people. Trying additional visit sierra leone news