About OG TONY – Owned By Tony Romo

About OG Tony is a restaurant in New Orleans, which is owned and operated by Hip-Hop artist Tony Perkins. According to the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Tony is originally from the state of Mississippi. However, he came to Orleans after working for many years in California. He then decided to come to New Orleans and start a restaurant. The New Orleans restaurant where he owns and operates has become very popular among the locals.

Many people are fond ofOG Tony’s Chicken Etc, a chicken dish that features Fried Catfish. Perkins sells this delicious dish at his restaurant and it has become so popular among locals that there are actually lines for this delicious food. Another one of his famous dishes is his BBQ sauce which is available at different locations in New Orleans. Some of the most popular BBQ sauce brands include Olaf, Blueberry BBQ and Sweet Kitchen. Perkins also serves a wide range of drinks, mainly alcoholic ones, although he also serves some non-alcoholic ones.

While most people would think that a chicken dish with BBQ sauce should only be served during the summer, Perkins assures that the chilly weather makes it more delicious. He also offers chicken kabobs, spare ribs, spare legs and spare wings as well. For dessert, his restaurant sells peach cobbler, chocolate chip cookies and biscotti. Customers can also get their fill of vegetarian entrees such as spinach & mushroom supreme, tofu connoisseur, bbq tofu and the all time classic, chicken baked beans.

While many people have enjoyed the food at OG tony seems to have a passion for cooking, which is evident in the way he loves what he does. One day, he was working on one of his favorite recipes when he suddenly got a call from his old friend Antrelton Jones. According to Jones, Tony asked him if he could come and cook at the restaurant one night. Since his friend is one of the best chefs in town, Tony was thrilled that his pal was willing to open up his doors for him and give him the opportunity to show off what he knows.

People who love to eat out will find their favorite spot at OG. The decor is hip and contemporary and the staff is helpful and knowledgeable. They are always prepared with a smile to provide customers with suggestions on great meals and drinks. After a long day on the beach, people need to have a place to go that they can relax and have a good meal while appreciating the great food they can get at OG.

Although there are certainly other fine restaurants in Encinitas, OG is a one-of-a-kind dining experience. According to Jones, “People come here for real food and they don’t just go for the food. It’s a community feel.” In fact, OG may very well become the new Las Vegas. With incredible food, fantastic wine, cool music and friendly service, you cannot help but love coming here for a night out on the town.

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